App Development

Project Discovery. Web/App Development. User Experience, Marketing Strategy

Project Discovery

Discussions for goals, objectives, budget and project requirements

Web/App Development

User friendly, scaleable web apps, management dashboards and iOS/Android apps

User Experience (UX)

Great user experience for users to interact with technology.

Marketing Strategy

App submissions, support and marketing promotion.

Web and App Development

We start our clients with an in depth discovery stage looking at overall goals, key objectives and required budget. We discuss features and database integration; then we develop and design user friendly, scaleable web apps, admin dashboards and mobile apps for Apple iOS and Google Android platforms. Understanding the importance of a good user experience, we design web and mobile apps to work in the real world. Testing and pilots are important, but we also know that it’s crucial to market apps and give it exposure as soon as possible.

Complete & Full Service

Discovery to app kick-start

Take final product to market

Provide updates and support

Experience & Partnerships

Experienced team members

Variety of design expertise

Close client relationships

Flexibility & Agility

Understand project challenges

Flexible development process

Current evolving with trends

Project Discovery

We provide initial consulting looking at goals, objectives and set a reasonable budget. This project discovery stage also discusses required features and integration applications. Our professional approach will help quickly develop working mobile and web app versions and assure functionally and great user experience. Further strategy sessions will assist your marketing efforts to get your product out to Android and Apple mobile users across the country.

Web/App Development

We build user friendly, robust, and highly scaleable web apps including customer facing apps and management dashboards with custom reporting. Then we have our team focus on native iOS and Android app development engineering for a successful app featuring marketplace and location awareness functions including social connections, in-app messaging and payment and peer reviews.

User Experience (UX)

Great user experience is king. Having been in the mobile market, we fully understand how clients and users interact with technology. In addition to our experienced internal graphic design and UX development team, we provide excellent client service during and after the process.

Marketing Strategy

We start with testing beta versions and pilot draft versions before uploading Android and iOS submissions. After support includes app updates and push notifications systems. Since we are a marketing agency, we provide full service offering mobile App promotions and Google mobile pay-per-click.

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